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We drive cars of the following makes: Audi, Daewooo, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes, Opel, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen, including estate cars, with air-conditioning and additional equipment which guarantee a comfortable and safe journey for both the passengers and the driver.

For transporting more than four passengers, we use Opel Zafira, Seat Alhambra. Our fleet also includes cars suitable for up to seven passengers with some hand luggage – for more information on booking such cars, please call our telephone dispatch centre.


Transporting up to four passengers with a bigger amount of luggage is possible with such estate cars as: Volkswagen Passat, Renault Laguna, Opel Astra II, Audi 80. For more information, please call our telephone dispatch centre.

If you wish to transport a considerable amount of luggage, we offer an IVECO delivery van with a raised loading platform. For more information, please call our telephone dispatch centre.


In case of animal transportation, please remember to inform us about the species and the size of the animal while booking a taxi. Your pet will be transported in a car that has enough space for the animal.

There are no extra charges for travelling with a pet!!!


This service involves driving patients, pupils, children etc. to and from the designated destination (home, school, doctor’s office). If necessary, the driver may also escort the passenger to and from the car at any given location or institution. It is also important for the parents to remember that their children’s kindergarten teachers should be notified in advance that their children will be picked up by the taxi driver.

For further information, please call our telephone dispatch centre.

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Our offer also includes special services like:

  • Letter/parcel delivery (courier delivery) – fare charged according to the meter,
  • Shopping – covers doing the shopping according to the customer’s list (maximum of 5 items) and delivering it to the given address, and (optionally) carrying it into the customer’s house,
  • Fuel delivery – the fuel is purchased at the Statoil petrol station and delivered in a special can to the designated location,
  • Assistance with starting a car – involves connecting a dead battery to a working one or towing the car until it starts, or towing the car to a repair garage.

Any further information is available upon calling our telephone dispatch centre.

We provide full service which includes driving the customers as well as their cars to any given location if necessary. We are capable of performing a service in vehicles of the same colour or of the same type (for example, vans or estate cars). Drivers who speak English, German or Ukrainian are also available at customers’ request.

We also issue VAT invoices for transportation services.

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